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Miranda is the best site in New Zealand for seeing Wrybill. Shorebirds of New Zealand:  
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Located only an hour from Auckland the Miranda Shorebird Centre is an excellent stop to escape the city and have a look at some of New Zealand’s amazing birdlife. With nearly half of the population of the endemic Wrybill found at Miranda during part of the year, and with numbers of shorebirds often exceeding 10,000 the Miranda coastline is almost a mandatory stop for any birdwatcher passing by.  Visit the Shorebird Centre and find out what birds are around, stay with us for a weekend escape from the bustle of the city or join us for one of our regular events.

What’s been happening – from our Facebook
  • Wiggin's Lake is in the grounds of Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre. It was created in 1990 in commemeration of Desmond Wiggins who was a longtime and enthusiastic supporter of the Trust.Over the years there have been many avian visitors including bittern and banded rail. Currently it is home to a family of MallardxGrey Duck, a pair of Australasian Shoveller and of course our Pukeko family.

    21 hours ago

  • Hey Miranda Shorebird Centre. We're new to the neighbourhood and are just saying ‘hi’ to our neighbours; like-minded people like yourselves! On our page ‘Gems of Aotearoa’ (GOA) we showcase a new natural wonder weekly. Our aim is to ignite curiosity and passion across the country by reaching as many Kiwis as possible. We'd love it if you were able to share our gems if they feature a species/genus that is relevant to your area/cause etc - in the meantime check us out! We look forward to hearing from you soon. https://www.facebook.com/gemsofaotearoa?ref=hl Gems of Aotearoa Gems of Aotearoa

    Showcasing New Zealand's natural world and native animals. We aim to inspire and ignite passion about our unique wildlife.

    November 18

  • On Saturday this very obliging Black-tailed Godwit separated from the many thousands of Bar-tailed Godwit at Pukorokoro Miranda.Even better it chose to feed close to the hide. In thirty seconds it consumed 3 worms and a small crab or shellfish.

    November 16

  • "PENGUINS! PENGUINS!" is often the cry from visiting young school children when they first see this bird through a scope. It is an understandable mistake. The PIED SHAG has very short legs, stands upright and has a white belly. Pied Shags are "locals". They breed colonially usually nesting in trees near the sea. They often congregate on the end of the shell bank at Pukorokoro Miranda and fish in front of the hide at high tide.

    November 12

  • Today one of the most important activities of Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists' Trust is taking place. The Wader Census is part of a nation wide and carried out twice yearly by BirdsNZ members. It monitors the population trends of shorebirds throughout NZ. Censusing can take you to some interesting places, at times it can be challenging, you can find yourself knee deep in mud or waist deep in water but it will be a memorable occasion.

    November 08