Shorebird Centre is OPEN

Pūkorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust wants to advise all our visitors that the Shorebird Centre is now open again. You can find more information here about our Covid-19 reopening conditions.

AGM Rescheduled – The AGM has been rescheduled for 2pm Sunday 28th June. Visit the Events page for more details.

Located only an hour from Auckland the Pūkorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre is an excellent stop to escape the city and have a look at some of New Zealand’s amazing birdlife. With nearly half of the population of the endemic Wrybill found at Pūkorokoro Miranda during part of the year, and with numbers of shorebirds often exceeding 10,000 the coastline is almost a mandatory stop for any birdwatcher passing by.

Visit the Shorebird Centre and find out what birds are around, stay with us for a weekend escape from the bustle of the city or join us for one of our regular events.


4th December 2019 – Alison Ballance and her Podcast on the Pacific Golden Plover project

Broadcaster, writer and conservationist Alison Ballance visited the Centre during the catching and recorded a podcast for Radio New Zealand’s Our Changing World series. Here is her interview with the team and story – Tracking Pacific Golden Plovers around the world.

3rd December 2019 – Meet the New Kuriri Explorers

Learn about the 3 latest Kuriri who’ve been caught by the team of banders and fitted with transmitters for their next migration Read here for more details.

Meet Tea, Kikorangi and Whero

23rd November 2019 – Flung Scarf of Wrybill – Kirsten Strom, inspired by the synchronised flight of the wrybill flock, composed this moving piece of music. The trio Orbit, young members of Auckland Philharmonia, performed Kirsten’s music for us. The audience was so moved Orbit were asked to play the piece again. Her piece has been enhanced by the brilliant videography and editing of Johan Kok . Please enjoy!

23rd November 2019 – JoJo is Still Broadcasting – Our team of volunteers is about to assemble to try to catch seven more Pacific Golden Plover so we can fit them with satellite tags and hopefully fill in all the blanks in what we know about their life cycle. So it seems appropriate that today the last of the three birds we caught last time to be still broadcasting, the indomitable JoJo, has sent another message from the same field on Tongatapu just south of the town of Vaini where he’s been for the past few weeks. You can read more here about this southern migration. Visit our Where’s Goldie? page for all the updates and project information.

Follow the Kuriri on Google Earth

You can watch with us as we follow the Pacific Golden Plovers on their journey up to the arctic to breed and back to us in summer. Download Google Earth and use the interactive maps to see exactly where the Kuriri are. Read more here.

Where are our birds now?

Here’s an overview of where the three Kuriri are on their migration.

JoJo broadcasts in again from Tonga

Jim (166702)

23 April 2019 Left Pūkorokoro Miranda
2 May 2019 Guam, Micronesia (c7,500km flight)
20 May 2019 Okinawa, Japan
26 May 2019 Shandong, China
7 June 2019 Heilongjiang, China
21 June 2019 Siberia
5 July 2019 Lake Selawik, Alaska
9 August 2019 Yukon Koskokwim Delta, Alaska
19 August 2019 Aleutian Island Chain, Alaska
21 August 2019 In flight back to Yukon Koskokwim Delta, Alaska
14 Sept 2019 Yukon Koskokwim Delta, Alaska
Currently Migrating South?

JoJo (174232)

12 April 2019 Left Pūkorokoro Miranda
20 April 2019 Arrived Honshu, Japan (9,990km flight)
16 May 2019 Left Japan
19 May 2019 Yukon Koskokwim Delta, Alaska (4,740km flight)
2 August 2019 Kinak Bay, Alaska
14/15 Sept 2019 Left Alaska
25 Oct 2019 Teraina, Kiribati
22 Sept 2019 Tongatapu, Tonga
Currently Tongatapu, Tonga?

Amanda (174233)

8 April 2019 Left Pūkorokoro Miranda
16 April 2019 Arrived Honshu, Japan (c9,000km flight)
17 May 2019 Honshu, Japan
23 May 2019 Siberia
29 May 2019 Yukon Koskokwim Delta, Alaska
8 Sept 2019 Last tracked in Alaska
Currently Migrating south?

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