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Located only an hour from Auckland the Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre is an excellent stop to escape the city and have a look at some of New Zealand’s amazing birdlife. With nearly half of the population of the endemic Wrybill found at Pukorokoro Miranda during part of the year, and with numbers of shorebirds often exceeding 10,000 the coastline is almost a mandatory stop for any birdwatcher passing by.

Visit the Shorebird Centre and find out what birds are around, stay with us for a weekend escape from the bustle of the city or join us for one of our regular events.

Next Event March 5th Farewell to the birds

Rachel Withington. – Wrybill – What do they eat?

Speaker at 10.00 a.m. followed by birding in the afternoon  More events

Bar-tailed Godwit

Bird of the Year 2015 After a close fought race the bar-tailed godwit was voted New Zealand’s favourite bird in 2015.  Here’s why this was important to us.

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Pukorokoro Miranda

This area of pasture/saltmarsh was inundated by the recent storm event. Pied Stilt and ducks are taking advantage of this temporary habitat…

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Bar-tailed godwits prepare for Migration at Miranda, New Zealand.

It’s a perfect weekend to visit Pukorokoro Miranda. Good sized tides, around midday, with great weather. If you can’t make it then spend 3 minutes..

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There are only two big white bird species that you are likely to see at Pukorokoro Miranda and you can usually identify them from a great distance…

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Timeline Photos

Meet CMD. This red knot has racked up a fair amount of “air miles”. He/she has been seen 13 times on the Firth. First receiving a flag at Chongming..

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