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Miranda is the best site in New Zealand for seeing Wrybill. Shorebirds of New Zealand:  
Sharing the margins 

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Located only an hour from Auckland the Miranda Shorebird Centre is an excellent stop to escape the city and have a look at some of New Zealand’s amazing birdlife. With nearly half of the population of the endemic Wrybill found at Miranda during part of the year, and with numbers of shorebirds often exceeding 10,000 the Miranda coastline is almost a mandatory stop for any birdwatcher passing by.  Visit the Shorebird Centre and find out what birds are around, stay with us for a weekend escape from the bustle of the city or join us for one of our regular events.

What’s been happening – from our Facebook
  • Soon this very rare, but punctual, Arctic migrant will again visit Pukorokoro Miranda. We wish all the visitors, volunteers and supporters all around the world,the compliments of the festive season. The Shorebird Centre will be open 9am-5pm every day except Christmas Day, 25th December, but the birds will be here every day(except Santa's helpers who have other calls to make).

    20 hours ago

  • This White Winged Black Tern was seen over the Stilt Ponds this afternoon. It has been a few years since the last one visited Pukorokoro Miranda. Thanks David for the ID.

    December 16

  • There is new life on the shell bank but our Arctic migrants are many months and a long way away from their breeding grounds. Currently we have several Sandpiper species spending time with us. A single Marsh Sandpiper, a couple of Pectoral Sandpiper and a few Sharp-tailed and Curlew Sandpiper. The midday tides are perfect for a visit this weekend.

    December 11

  • Shell bank update: The White-fronted Terns have just started their clutches. The Black-billed Gull chicks continue to thrive.Thanks to Adrian for these images taken yesterday.

    December 07