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Miranda is the best site in New Zealand for seeing Wrybill. Shorebirds of New Zealand:  
Sharing the margins 

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Located only an hour from Auckland the Miranda Shorebird Centre is an excellent stop to escape the city and have a look at some of New Zealand’s amazing birdlife. With nearly half of the population of the endemic Wrybill found at Miranda during part of the year, and with numbers of shorebirds often exceeding 10,000 the Miranda coastline is almost a mandatory stop for any birdwatcher passing by.  Visit the Shorebird Centre and find out what birds are around, stay with us for a weekend escape from the bustle of the city or join us for one of our regular events.

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  • Have fun and enjoy the rural country life!

    7 hours ago

  • You will enjoy watching thousands of local NZ shore birds and migratory birds...

    7 hours ago

  • Are you keen on bird watching, let's go to Miranda Shorebird Centre located in Firth of Thames, just one hour drive from Auckland...

    7 hours ago

  • It is great to know that we are a partner in an international endeavour.The comment on the last post from the East Asian Australasian Flyways Partnership "Lets look for them and meet them at sites along the EAAFP"
    An interesting result; Bar-tailed Godwit BTV was flagged at PM on 19/02/2014, seen at Yalu Jiang 13/04/2014, seen on the breeding grounds of the Yukon-Kuswokwim Delta 16/06/2014 and last recorded back at PM 20/02/2015.

    February 28