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birds with bling

banded red knot Ian Southey

  We’ve added a new page to the website, all about reading bands and flags.  If you have spotted any birds with bling over the summer learn what it could mean!  

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Conserving Migratory Shorebirds Project update

UQ project update

University of Queensland Project Update 30th November 2013  9am – 1pm Miranda Shorebird Centre Millions of migratory shorebirds migrate from Arctic Russia and Alaska to Australia and New Zealand. We have discovered widespread population declines of staggering severity and rapidity, with some migratory shorebird populations crashing by 80% in 20 years. Many migratory species are […]

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More on Bioblitz!

Some details on the day! The aims of this Bioblitz are: 1. To find out what species are present in the Taramaire-Miranda area. 2. To find out as much as possible about likely food web connections (including what epiphytes and plant diseases are on/in the plants) and what is feeding on the plants. The day […]

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Bioblitz! Help us find a thousand species

  MIRANDA BIOBLITZ – THE THOUSAND SPECIES CHALLENGE The Miranda Naturalists’ Trust (MNT) is organising a “Bioblitz” of the Miranda Coast between 6 a.m. and midnight on 28 February 2013. The area to be covered encompasses the coastal strip between the Taramaire and Pukorokoro/Miranda Streams, and the adjacent intertidal zone. It will also include the […]

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The Miranda Shorebird Bookshop goes global!

We are proud to announce that the reknown bookshop at the Miranda Shorebird Centre – possibly the finest collection of natural history books on birds all in the one place in New Zealand – is now open for business online! Please visit us at: Miranda Shorebird Bookshop    

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IUCN Update on Asian Coastal Wetlands

In 2011, the IUCN Species Survival Commission and IUCN Asia Regional Office commissioned an independent report to assess the state and condition of intertidal habitats along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF), in response to growing concerns expressed by IUCN members over observed declines in biodiversity, the loss of ecological services, and an increase in ecological […]

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Publications Page updated

We’ve just updated the publications page with the August and November 2011 issues of Miranda Naturalists’ Trust News.  Have a look and learn about vagrency, Chatham Island Shorebirds and details about the threats that Red Knots are facing in Bohai Bay. More information on the Red Knot situation is also available here

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Flyway Partnership Meeting, Indonesia

marooned but oblivious DSC_0161phil straw

Miranda Naturalists’ Trust (MNT) was represented at the 6th meeting of partners of the East Asian Australasian Flyway Partnership held at Palembang, Indonesia 19-23 March, 2012. The partnership is a voluntary network of governments, NGOs and corporations with a common aim of conserving waterbirds and their habitats within the flyway. A  partner since 2010, MNT […]

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Miranda Field Course 2012

Images from our recently completed 14th annual Miranda Field Course. Edited to add: for a participants view of the Field course read this blog! Enrollments are now open for the next  course, 9-15 January, 2013. Giant kokopu and koura. Photo: Pam McConnell Invertebrates of Miranda session – pond sampling. Photo: Trish Allen Shore skink. Photo: […]

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Visitors: welcome and unwelcome

  These four bittern chicks raised near the Shorebird Centre were most welcome…. This Australian assisted immigrant photographed in our central courtyard this week was not.

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New Online Bookshop Now Open!!

We are proud to announce that the renowned bookshop at the Miranda Shorebird Centre – possbily the finest collection of natural history books on birds all in the one place – is now open for business online!

Please visit us at:
Miranda Shorebird Bookshop