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Recent Sightings Jan-14

The godwits and knots are all here, and the juveniles are getting hard to spot.  The Wrybill and South Island Pied Oystercatchers are returning from the breeding grounds so numbers are on the rise.  The Black-billed Gulls nested successfully on the shellbanks, with large numbers of fluffy chicks and some birds still on nests- but the large […]

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Sightings 20 May 2013

The big flocks of Arctic migrants have departed on their way north.  By now the godwits should be heading to Alaska.  The wrybill flock is now the highlight of the stilt ponds, with their flights looking stunning in the lower winter light.  We do have an unexpectedly high number of red knot present at the […]

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Sightings March 10 2013

Yalu Jiang godwits20 March 2010 Jimmy Choi

The flocks of Arctic migrants are beginning to diminish with several Godwit departures observed yesterday evening. According to what we now know of the migration schedules of individual birds, further departures can be expected right through until end of the month. Meanwhile the New Zealand Shore Plover remains in residence at Miranda and is being […]

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Recent sightings 10 Jan 2012

Marsh Sandpiper Ian Southey

Wrybill and SIPO numbers are increasing daily as they return from their breeding grounds. The Shore Plover is still present as is the Marsh Sandpiper. Look for the banded rail by the carpark gate. Unfortunately it’s been too dry for bittern this year. Migrants and Vagrants 4500 Bar-tailed Godwit 1100 Red Knot 1 Asiatic Black-tailed […]

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December-12 sightings

shoreplover iansouthey

  There has been much activity at Miranda recently with chicks hatching at the Black-billed Gull colony on the shell bank, and Pied Oystercatchers beginning to arrive back from the south. There should  also be Wrybill heading back as well. Meanwhile the NZ Shore Plover is still present.  The Shore Plover was part of a […]

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September 2012 sightings

It is changing of the guards time at Miranda. Wrybill numbers are now down to a few hundred as birds move south to their South Island breeding areas. Meanwhile Bar-tailed Godwits have begun returning  to join the 250 or so birds that overwintered. Also regularly seen recently are a Black-tailed Godwit and a Marsh Sandpiper. […]

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April 2012 sightings

Those godwit and knot intending to migrate this year are most likely all gone, leaving just several hundred of each species in residence. However those godwits that steadily departed since early March may well be wondering about the wisdom of it, as conditions at their Yalu Jiang stopover site are somewhat cold. On 1 April […]

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January 2012 sightings

Wrybill and Pied Oystercatcher numbers are increasing as South Island breeding birds return. Bittern have been confirmed breeding at Miranda for the first time since records began, with four well developed juveniles seen in late December. The sub-tropical weather system over New Year was probably the explanation for the Northern Giant Petrel seen flying in […]

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December-11 Sightings

Banded Rail are still being seen regularly in the mangroves at the carpark gate.  Look back once you’ve parked your car.  There have also been several sightings of Bittern in tha area lately.  The Marsh sandpiper is still being seen on the stilt ponds, however the gull-billed terns are less reliable.  If you are looking […]

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November-11 Sightings

The Miranda high tide roost is now covered in godwits and knots, including many juvenile godwits. Wrybill numbers are down to about 100 with all others away on their breeding grounds. The two gull-billed terns are still regulars near the hide.  Look for golden plover in the salt-marsh area to the south of the carpark.  […]

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New Online Bookshop Now Open!!

We are proud to announce that the renowned bookshop at the Miranda Shorebird Centre – possbily the finest collection of natural history books on birds all in the one place – is now open for business online!

Please visit us at:
Miranda Shorebird Bookshop