Shorebirds at Miranda

BIRDS: The Miranda Coast is the most important wintering ground for Wrybill. This endemic is unique among birds in having a bill curved to the side. The estimated total species population is only 5300, up to 40% of which flock

Reading Flags and bands

  This article appeared in the February 2008 issue of Miranda News.  It may not be reproduced without permission. author Gillian Vaughan———- Over the years there has been a lot of mention in MNT News about the various banding projects

Shorebird species accounts

Of 214 wader species worldwide, 63 have been recorded in New Zealand and 43 at Pukorokoro Miranda. Some of these are rare vagrants, while others are annual migrants in flocks of thousands. Download the checklist of all species seen at

Chenier Plains

At Miranda you can see what some say is the finest example of an active shell and sand chenier plain anywhere in the world. A chenier is a beach ridge resting on silty deposits which has become isolated from the

Natural History

The Firth of Thames is a shallow embayment extending north from the Hauraki Plains. Across the bay to the east lie the volcanic ridges of the Coromandel Peninsula. Below the bush clad Hunua Ranges on the western side of the