Our Educator

We are pleased to announce that we now have new part-time educator Alex Eagles available to deliver interactive sessions and guided site visits for primary school and intermediate children.

Alex Eagles and Godwit
Alex Eagles and Godwit

Our new educator is Alex Eagles-Tully (at left) who has spent many years telling children about environmental and social issues.‘Encouraging others to learn and care about the natural environment is one of my greatest passions,’ she says, ‘so working as the educator for the Shorebird Centre is my dream job.’ Alex has had a strong interest in the natural environment since she was a child, and this led her to complete an MSc majoring in marine studies. ‘Through being involved with The Flock project and the Godfrey Godwit pages in PM News I have an appreciation of the natural history of the shorebirds of New Zealand and the work done by PMNT which I am very keen to share with others.’


What we offer

We offer a range of different topics for students Year 0-8, and are happy to develop lessons to specifically meet the needs of your class.

Want to spark children’s enthusiasm and engage them with the shorebirds of Miranda from your own classroom? Free outreach sessions may also be available in your area. Click here for further information.

To make a booking or inquiry about our education sessions please contact Alex at:

Email: educator@shorebirds.org.nz

Phone: 09 2322781

Mobile: 027 892 2560