Come and see us at the Shorebird Centre

283 East Coast Road, Pūkorokoro Miranda.
See number 1 on the map to the left or see a google map.

9am–5pm every day except Christmas.

Entry is free, but as we are a charitable trust, donations are always very welcome.


At the Shorebird Centre (#1-2 on map)

Here you can:
• Find out about what birds are at the roost
• Find out what the birds look like
• Learn about what makes our birds special and our international conservation efforts
• Talk to our staff and volunteers about recent sightings
• Wander through our shop.
• Use the toilet (There are no toilets on the bird roost area.)

You can usually make yourself a cup of tea and eat your lunch, but we don’t sell food. We have accommodation available if you are looking for somewhere to stay the night.

At the Robert Findlay Reserve (#3-6 on map)

Viewing the birds
Thousands of birds can gather in the roost area (#3-6 on map). The best viewing is two hours either side of high tide. You can view the birds from three hides – or just as you are walking along the paths! Entry is free, and the hides are open every day of the year.

Getting there
To get there from the Shorebird Centre you can either:

  • Walk 30mins (from #2 on map) – the walk is just over 2km and takes about 30 minutes. On the way look for bittern (few and far between but possible) or banded rail. There are information signs on the walk down which cover the landscape, history, and of course information about the birds.
  • Drive to the car park (to #3 on map), and then take a 5 minute stroll to the hides. The path from the car park to the hide is wheelchair accessible, but ask at the Centre for the lock combination for the pathway gate. The car park may be locked after 5pm. If it is locked when you arrive you can park on the roadside and walk through the pedestrian gate.

If you park near the hides take your valuables with you, as cars have been broken into in the area. If you can’t take all your valuables with you we recommend walking from the Centre. Security cameras are in operation.

Where to look for birds
As you are walking to the hide from the car park, take look for birds, particularly banded rail around the car park and golden plover, on the flats between the hide and the car park (#6). When you are at the hides, check the mudflats and shellbanks (#4).  Look out over the Stilt Ponds (5), this is often where the smaller waders are found.

North of the Centre, at Taramaire (#7), birds will sometimes roost on the southern point of the river. Please view them from the northern side. Sometimes this can be a good place to look for birds at low tide.

Binoculars or a scope recommended
Binoculars or a scope are essential for close up views. (You can hire these from the Centre) Where the birds sit and how close they will be will depend many factors including how high the high tide is. More information on our birds.

Over summer you’ll often find a guide at the hide over high tide, they’ll have a scope and can help you see and identify the birds.

Donations appreciated.
The Shorebird Centre is run by an independent charitable trust, Pūkorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust. When you visit please consider a donation to help support our work or donate here.

Other ways to support
Contact our team if you are interested in staying overnight, hiring the centre as a venue or hiring our meeting room, bringing a school group, bringing a group for a talk, or booking out the accommodation. More on charges for these items here.