The Pūkorokoro Miranda News is the main publication of the organisation.

The New Zealand Wader Study Group News is also published through the Trust

The Trust has also published the Yalu Jiang Estuary Shorebird Survey Report 1999 – 2010.

Issues of Pūkorokoro Miranda News will be placed on the internet around six months after publication. Click on the picture to open the issue.

Pūkorokoro Miranda News is published 4 times a year, typically in February, May, August and November.  If you have any questions please contact the editor Jim Eagles.

Aug 2020 – Sharpie romance? Amazing Findlay planting effort. Future centre designs.

May 2020 – New Kuriri explorers. Godwit tracking near and far

Feb 2020 – Medal for Gillian’s contributions. New godwit tracking projects.

Nov 2019 – Waiting for Kuriri return. Roost appeal. Restoration plan progress.

Aug 2019 – PM’s supportive  visit. Kuriri reach Alaska. Restoring Findlay Reserve.

May 2019 – PGP travellers answer some questions. Wrybill performances.

Cover of  Issue 111, wrybill brooding a chick
Feb 2019 – 40 years of Wrybill study. Rare shell find.

Nov 2018 – Godwit migration methods. 25 years of centre management.

Aug 2018 – Making a North Korea documentary. A new project begins

May 2018 – A significant site in North Korea. State of the gulf.

Feb 2018 – The big storm. Record plover numbers.

Nov 2017 – Coastal strip restoration. Genetic pest control.

Aug 2017 – New path opens. Subspecies of knots.

May 2017 – World heritage status in China. Southern nz dotterel.

Feb 2017 – The Flock in Devonport. Red knot mysteries.

Nov 2016 – The PM joins the flock. Shoal Bay shorebirds. Bitterns!

The Godwit Alarm Clock. Skuas visit the shellbank.

China and New Zealand agree to protect waders.

Red-necked stint. PMNT and DoC delegation to China.

Godwit – Bird of the Year. Feeding habits of the Wrybill.

File 20-12-15, 5 18 55 PM
Aug 2015 Photo competition results. Shorebird Surveys in North Korea

File 20-12-15, 5 16 22 PM
May 2015 NZ and China and Fonterra work for shorebird protection

File 20-12-15, 5 19 24 PM
Feb 2015 Year of the Godwit. New Zealand Skylarks.

Nov 2014 Eastern Curlews, Red Knots in the flyway, Caspian Terns in NZ

Aug 2014: A new name Royal Spoonbill migration A Buff Breasted Sandpiper

May 2014: Yalu Jiang Report launched, New Boardwalk to hide

February 2014,  An update on E7 and E0, Shorebird populations in the Flyway collapse, 150 diatoms

November 2013: Braided Rivers, New Signs along trail erected, Keith Woodley honoured

August 2013,  Change of name, 20 years at Miranda, Migrants in the Gulf of Carpenteria

May 2013,  THE BIOBLITZ! Annual Report and accounts.  Marsh Sandpiper spotted at Miranda.

February 2013,  Shore Plover at Miranda Chenier Plains Management of the coastal strip

November 2012, NZ Dotterels after the Rena, Knot gets NZ threat ranking Keith Woodley’s book released,

August 2012, What makes a good roost, Wrybills in the Rangitata,New editor!

November 2011 Shorebirds on the Chatham Islands; Curlew migration

August 2011,  Red Knots in Crisis, On Vagrancy, Membership details

May 2011,  Shorebirds and Disturbance, Bohai Bay in Danger, Farming and Shorebirds

February 2011;  Birdlife Internationals role in the Pacific, Migration of Ruddy Turnstone